a "Private Family Gathering"

August 30th - September 5th 2020

Nature Community, South Germany

After a beautiful first event at the NatureCommunity last year and despite the uncertain situation we are all living we decided to return there this year for a smaller more intimate event. We will again dance and play in their luxury retreat centre close to the Czech border surrounded by lush nature and hosted by a community that fully supports our work and values. This year’s edition is titled ”BUILDING BRIDGES”  and we wish to invite our growing community on an immersive journey to connect with what is present  and those who are somehow separate from us. Welcoming in parts of ourselves we are ashamed or scared of. Reaching out to those that are different from us. Building a tribe to compost capitalisms individualist fantasies. and who knows perhaps even bridging the material and spiritual divide to find a higher meaning and purpose for our time here on mother earth. 

We welcome and support diversity and explicitly invite those with diverging race, gender, sexuality or functionality to apply so we can build an inclusive and inspiring community together. 

Either as a first time or repeating you are invited to join our family and gather this summer at NatureCommunity.

Registrations open for our Family Gathering

CI, Somatics & Dance

Nature, Conscious Sexuality & Spirituality

Boundaries, Consent & Power

Tribe, Inclusivity & Sustainable Living